Quick help!

For my body image class on Friday, I am trying to come up with a long list of programs/ projects that address body image issues in America (ie the Girls Scouts’ Uniquely Me program, Girls on the Run, Dove’s Self Esteem Fund program, etc).  Know of some programs/ projects around the country (local to an area is totally fine if I can find a web-site for it) that focus on championing body image?  Hit the comments button and share them with me.  Thanks so much!

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3 responses to “Quick help!”

  1. Angelica

    maybe tyra bank’s tzone foundation. im actually not too sure what it does but here’s the link.


  2. Katy Gleditsch

    maybe Pantene Beautiful Length’s program? or Locks of Love? championing body/self-image in the face of adversity, and encouraging others to donate part of their own body/self-image to that cause?

  3. rosiemolinary

    Thanks for the suggestions, Katy and Angelica. Great ideas. Katy, hope you are doing well!

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