This morning, wake up and say thank you to your body.  Feel the stretch, strain, and enjoyment of things as they settle into place while you move through your morning, preparing.  Relish that your body is already ready for what you might send its way.  Celebrate that it understands its place in  your life and is willing to do what you ask of it.  It is your vehicle.  Your access point to the world.  And it is happy to take you there.  So as you go through your day today, say gentle thank yous to this body that allows you to do what you do, love what you love, and hope what you hope.

And then I encourage you to take a small challenge.  Anytime that you find yourself having a negative thought about your self or your body, anytime that you hear someone else make a negative comment about herself or her body, I want you to redirect that thought or comment and offer love instead.  Your co-worker or roommate says, “I need to lose ten pounds” and instead of saying, “Ten pounds?  How about the twenty extra pounds I am carrying around,” you say “You are perfect just the way you are.”  Redirecting our thinking is just the first step in changing the world- our world- for the better.

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