What made you smile today?

First, some whine:  I am broken-down tired.  Don’t quite know if I am coming or going tired.  Can’t even figure out what to write tired.  It’s a tired born from four weeks of staying up too late to watch the Olympics and then the political conventions (a whole different sporting event, if you will).  And it’s also a tired born from an unexpected event (event is the wrong word but I am too tired to come up with the right one right now) that has put my world into a spin. 

So, I am thinking I just want to celebrate the LITTLE things that have made me smile in the last day or two.  I hope you’ll share yours, too. 

1.  The pan-fried corn that I had as a side at a restaurant that I had never been to before today.  Unbelievable. Whoever came up with that idea is genius. 

2.  The edamame that I made the other day.  Our CSA brought us stalks of soy bean so I picked the pods off the stock, boiled them in Kosher salted water for about 5 minutes, let them sit in the water for another five and then just started eating ’em.  Mmmm. 

3.  The start of football season and my beloved Panthers winning their opening game– a game everyone was thinking they would lose (oh, they of little faith)– in the last 2 seconds of the game.  I screamed so loud that I was hoarse afterword. 

4.  My dear little friend, LG, who is 6, helping me put together my notebooks yesterday.  I am a notebook girl and I had one that I was working on yesterday for the body image class that I am teaching this semester.  LG was so into sliding all my paper into sheet protectors (yeah, I’m a dork but I LOVE school supplies) and putting the sheets into my notebook. I slipped her money for her piggie bank when she was done.

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3 responses to “What made you smile today?”

  1. Jen

    First, let me say I am equally as tired from the late nights for the past month and did a similar post on wil’s blog. And secondly, I too screamed so loud I have traumatized my child for life. I let out a dep scream and jumped around like a fool. My child looked at me, then his Dad and then screamed for the next 30 minutes. I traumatized him for good. At leat the Panthers won!

  2. steph b

    I too stayed up wayyy to late watching the olympics and fantasizing about Michael phelps and loathing all the athletes for being so darn talented. and anytime the panthers are on tv my life stops. haha it really does. im glued. its ridiculous. see u in class.

  3. steph b

    also, I meant to ask in my last comment about the edamame. I just bought some the other day and tasted it for the first time and it was great! I just ate them plain like peanuts and didnt know that you can boil them, that is a good idea and I am going to try it!!! I have been experimenting with becoming a vegetarian and eating less meat, but I am constantly losing weight. I lost 25 pounds this past year because of some things that I went through and now I am trying to gain it back!! I am experimenting with ways to get extra protein but still stay away from meat. were they mushy or soft? were they like beans after you boiled them? Im so excited to try this!

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