2 responses to “Mirror, mirror on the wall”

  1. fightingwindmills

    Ack! Rosie, I think I recognize those windows from a fraternity house! Too funny. Well, I bet you look great with bangs circa 2008. I am growing my hair out and wearing hairbands which reveal all of my forehead. I have some scars on my forehead, actually I have tiny scars on a lot of my face, but it doesn’t matter. My headbands are cute, so they provide distraction. LOL!

  2. Rosie Molinary

    FW, I think you’re right! And I’ve seen the headband photos and they are darn cute! Actually, a headband was my go to technique yesterday when I didn’t feel like even drying my bangs. I never wore them as a kid and now I love them! Wear you headbands with pride!

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