4 responses to “a collage, courtesy of Flick'r”

  1. Yvette

    Hey this was fun!! .. even tho I didnt go as far as making the mosaic pic..

    Ok I was lazy there I said it ;-D

    The pix are great!!

  2. fightingwindmills

    Number three is a powerful image. That’s not one you’d expect for a high school. Thanks for playing!

  3. rosiemolinary

    Yvette, it’s almost addicting. Now I want to create all sorts of moasics!

    FW, That image just grabbed me when I entered the name of my high school. Named Watering the Wall of Indifference, it actually speaks to what I most railed against at that age (and even now though the roots were planted for me in high school): indifference. Thanks for introducing me to such a neat meme!

  4. spice jet

    this seems a great feature to create you own mosaics here … even i’m addicted now!

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