5 responses to “Conquering Resistance”

  1. Caroline

    Perhaps you’ve always worked excessively long and hard, from when you were young?

    If so, it’s a habit which, consequently, will be difficult to break – as difficult as kicking an addiction, which may be…………work?!!

  2. Adele Nieves

    Finally, someone puts it into words!

    Being my own boss isn’t the peaceful, restful, flexible life I thought it would be, in fact I find I’m often burnt out and resentful, because I expect more of myself than I ever would of anyone else.

    I’d like to start this experiment with you, let’s unbury!

  3. rosiemolinary

    Carolian, you are totally right. Working is my crack rock. But I am kicking the habit– seriously.

    Adele, you are on! It’s 5 pm EST and this is the last thing I am doing before shutting down the computer until tomorrow afternoon. I usually work both days of the weekend but I am only going to do 4 hours this weekend. What gets done is great. What doesn’t is fine. Here’s hoping that we’ll both have good things to report come Monday.

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