I Heart Emma Thompson

Hello!  I was on the road last week and have a couple of things to share with you. 

First, I love this blog entry in response to the Pay Up post from last week.  It is an especially good one for mom’s to read.   

And… go Emma Thompson for standing up for her co-star in the soon to be filmed Brideshead Revisited.  Told to lose weight by producers of this Miramax film, Hayley Atwell caught Thompson’s attention at a dinner party when she wasn’t eating all that much.  Atwell told Thompson why it was that she was eating lightly, and Thompson called the producers to say she would walk unless they dropped this demand.  They dropped the demand.  I hope this move empowers others in entertainment to take a stand against unhealthy body standards. 

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  1. NotDieting

    Go Emma! We need more women in positions of power to start looking out for young up and comers.

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