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  1. Rick Rose

    Giving circles can be a great way to build community, increase the impact of your donation, and meet people in your community. There are some great resources on starting and managing giving circles at the Giving Circle Knowledge Center.

  2. rosiemolinary

    I’ve used the Giving Circle Knowledge Center at givingforums.org a lot in my research and highly recommend it!

  3. Harriet Kessler

    You have given me many reasons to be proud of you but never more than of what you are doing here.

  4. Living Dangerously « Hijas Americanas

    […] program.  Maybe it is offering financial support.  A few weeks ago, I told you about starting a giving circle to raise scholarship funds for Latina girls.  We’ve met with lawyers and started the […]

  5. Sandra Bettger

    Rosie: As Executive Director of the Giving Circles Network, a non profit supporting Giving Circles throughout the U.S. and internationally, I wholeheartedly support this cause and effort! Also, while a U.S. Citizen now, I was born in the Dominican Republic and so of course am already familiar with your work and book, and have been discussing it with my sisters and girlfriends. We have been giving the book to Latina teens who are our friends, daughters and nieces. Both your book and this new Giving Circle are such an inspiration! Please let us know what we can do to support you! (Appreciate your email so we can directly correspond if possible!) Looking forward to hearing more about your Giving Circle.

  6. Mari Luce

    I felt very touched by what I read in Calling the Circle.
    Thanks for writing about Latinas.

    I invite you to visit our site http://www.EducacionAlternativa.org
    Please feel free to share any comments/ ideas with us.
    Looking forward here from you.

    Mari Luce Fernández

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