2 responses to “And yet so far to go…”

  1. Yvette

    Ok I cant take this crap anymore.. KSS is the one “they” were upset with for posing for a cover breast feeding her 1st born.. COMEON now!! This is the very reason I stopped buying mags.. of any kind!! I cant take “them” telling me whats good and bad anymore…

    These are the same ppl calling Ricky Martin “FAT” this week.. Ok if hes fat I know a lot of other men who shouldnt leave the house!! mmk..lol..

  2. adriana

    I have only seen a handful of pictures of Keely Shaye Smith, and her wieght has never crossed my mind. Sure, this isn’t the most flattering bikini shot, but who cares?

    I’m glad that her husband loves her for who she is.

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