10 responses to “A M'ija to Meet: Betsy, Chicana”

  1. Allison

    Betsy is awesome! She is a beautiful, talented and intelligent woman. She has her stuff together. Her smile is contagious. She doesn’t fool herself with delusions. She seeks knowledge and truth. She is down-to-earth and real. She’s a cool chick! She is definitely a Mi’ja to Meet!

  2. GoGirlGo

    This girl is one to watch! She will go after her dreams with all her guns loaded and I couldn’t be prouder…

  3. Denise

    Wow! Growing up with Betsy was amazing, but watching her work is inspiring. She is proud of her culture, her success, and her family. She is strong, beautiful, intelligent and down to earth. I only hope that the world is ready to embrace of all of the gifts she gives. Ready or not, here she comes!

  4. Lily Donoghue

    I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Betsy when she attended Columbia College, and worked with me in the C-2 dept, even then I knew this ‘latina’ would go places, I am so proud of her and everything she has accomplished, may God bless her always, this is one M’ija to keep your eye on.
    I love her dearly and only wish the best for her and her family

  5. LaToya Sewell-Hall

    BETSY!!!!! You go girl!

    I had the opportunity to work with Betsy when she was in Chicago. To know her is to love her! Although we are now far in distance and don’t get to be around each other as much she is dear to my heart. She is a definitely a Mi’ja to meet and have on your team.


  6. Susan Fritscher-Hall

    That’s our Betsy!! We all love her to pieces, and her family!! What a beautiful person she is!! It’s too bad there aren’t more human beings like her.

  7. Tina Sanchez

    I’ve known Betsy since she was a tiny kid and I LOVE the woman she’s become. And now she’s a blossoming community leader! I’m so proud of my cousin Betsy! Betsy for President!

  8. Amanda Dime

    Congrats Betsy! I am so proud of you! Keep being you- a great role model to all Latinas!

  9. Crummy DO

    Allright Betsy! This is so awesome. Good job Chica!

  10. Tio David y Tia Espe

    The Betsy we’ve always known is a positive person full of compassion yet determined and courageous enough to speak the truth inorder to help someone be a better person. We will always remember the family trip in 1998 to the Cañon de Cobre and Viviana will always remember you saying, “Be nice” It made a difference!

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