2 responses to “Exporting Body Dissatisfaction”

  1. Aubrey

    As a feminist and a mother of an 20-month old girl, I am disgusted at myself for constantly loathing my “flab”. This is not what I want to pass on to my daughter. Yet I have internalized the body image thing as much as any other United Statsian woman. Then I get the double whammy of feeling bad about my body AND guilty for betraying my feminist ideals. So let’s throw out the idea of “flab”, because there is a season for all things – a time to be firm and a time to be soft.

  2. rosiemolinary

    Agreed! And just think about the magic of your body in a different way– as a means for you to give comfort to your daughter, to bring her to safety. Your body allows you to play with her, to laugh with her, to give her the support that she needs- which right now might mean carrying her weary body and in 15 years might mean holding her through heartache.

    Our bodies give us so much more than we realize or appreciate, even in their imperfections. Our bodies are the gifts that we have been given to experience the world. Just think how much experience we miss when we are too busy bemoaning our bodies. I am with Aubrey. The flab talk has to go. No more “I am so fat.” I don’t mind if you say I want to make healthier choices. But I do mind if you think for even one minute that you are not enough just the way you are.

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