3 responses to “34 Things to Do Before Turning 35 Part 2”

  1. unnikuttan

    it is great that your dad is alive and that he is stronger than cancer. good luck:)

  2. rosiemolinary

    You’re right— everyday is a gift. Thanks for your good thoughts!

  3. Hijas Americanas

    […] Turning 35   This one comes up every few days, and it strikes me as curious because it hadn’t occured to me that turning 35 might be anything unusual.  I also see Turning 21 or Things to do when turning 21 (really, this person needs help knowing what most people do on their 21st birthday?  Mind you, my 21st birthday was on something like a Wednesday and so I spent that night studying.  But it seems that turning 21 wouldn’t require a search.  Well, it could require a search.  But not an internet one).  For what it is worth, I never see Turning 40 or 50 or 60 in search engine terms that lead to my site.   Other posts that deal with turning 35 (well, in theory):  Part 1, Part 2.  […]

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