Go ahead, make somebody's year

Throughout the United States today Hispanic women are attaining the highest levels of professional achievement and leadership.  To honor their accomplishments, Hispanic Business Magazine will present its 6th annual  Woman of the Year (WOY) Awards and annual Elite Women directory in its April issue.To qualify, individuals must be U.S. citizens of Hispanic origin who work in Corporate America, nonprofit organizations, sports/entertainment, government (elected or appointed positions) or academia. The deadline for nominations is Friday, January 4th.
If you would like to nominate a Hispanic woman who has had a recent, national impact please fill out a nomination form on our Web site.
If a biography and/or photograph is available, please send them to research@hbinc.com.
If you have any further information you would like to submit in addition to the nomination form please send to research@hbinc.com.

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