A M'ija to Meet: Rebecca, Guatemalan


What I love about being Latina: Being able to understand Reggaton…also being part of a culture that has been present in the United States for so long and is a part of the US history as much as the early European colonial settlers. Knowing that I have a deep and rich culture that is as diverse as the many faces of the Latin people. 

What I love about being Americana: Being raised in a country where freedom allows me to be a strong Hispanic Woman. I am lucky enough to break the barriers that many women in Latin American are still not able to break through. I can appreciate being raised in a country where I am truly free to follow my dreams and pave the way to the future that I want. 


My biggest challenge in growing up Latina in America: Breaking stereotypes means working harder than most people to prove that I am just as good as any other Anglo-American. Being proud of my Hispanic background can be difficult at times especially growing up in a predominantly white area.  Being true to yourself and true to your culture and keeping your culture alive is very difficult. 

My biggest support in growing up Latina in America: My parents were my biggest support especially my mother. They knew that education is the only way to live a good life in this country and they pushed me and are still pushing me to finish college and go into graduate school. They support most of my decisions and try to understand why I do the things that I do.  

Why I am beautiful: I am beautiful because I am not cookie cutter. I am not the girl next door nor do I want to be. I represent the kind of women who is strong and thrives on depending on themselves. I am a hard worker (when I want to be) and I like being independent. I also tan really well.

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  1. Eddie Rodiguez

    Para ti, m’ija: me alegra verte en este web site, y de ver tus maduros comentarios….. te deseo exito en todo lo que emprendas. Good way to go, muchacha!!!! Tu padre.

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