A Body Warrior to Meet: Crystal


What I love about myself: Externally: my skin, my feet, my pug nose, the dimples on my face and my heart. Internally: my brain, my curiosity, my zest for life, my determination, my intuition and my heart.

My biggest challenge in accepting my body and beauty: Low self-esteem. Using food/alcohol/drugs/sex to numb myself to ease emotional pain. 

My biggest support in learning to appreciate myself: The answer is me… through a lot of hard work that took nearly 15 years of therapy, medication, prayer/meditation and exercise.

 Beauty is: Being able to say, without a doubt, “I am, I can and I will.” 

Why I am strong: I survived the loss of innocence, overcame unwarranted shame and reclaimed my self-esteem. 

Why I am beautiful: Because I am me. Nobody else can be me. And I can’t be anyone other than who I am. 

What women must know: You are beautiful just as you are. Trust your intuition. And getting older is liberating. I can’t wait for 50, 60, 70, etc.

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