A Body Warrior to Meet: Mary Kathryn


What I love about myself: Physically, I love my smile, and, personality-wise, I love my warmth.

My biggest challenge in accepting my body and beauty: My husband is smaller than I am which makes me really self conscious!

My biggest support in learning to appreciate myself: My friend Sarah. She doesn’t know it but she is the one when we first started college to make me feel comfortable with wearing strappy tank tops! Now, every time I see her, she lets me know that things look good on me and that I am beautiful. She is also someone who has never had a self-conscious day in her life, or so it seems, so just the way she lives herself helps me to see that I can embrace my self as well.


Beauty is:  Totally dependent on who you are inside. Pretty is unrelated to personality, but beauty is something that only truly loving and gracious people can have.  

Why I am strong:  Because I believe in my abilities.  

Why I am beautiful: Because I care about others.  

What women must know: The most damaging thing a woman can do is spread negativity to other women. Rather than criticizing others for what they are wearing or how they look, we should be unified in our support of each other.

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