A Body Warrior to Meet: Khristina


What I love about myself:  I love that I love myself. I think what makes every woman beautiful is that we all are different in shape, size and color. What makes us most beautiful is embracing what makes us different from others. As a college student, I continuously hear I wish I could change this or that, and I used to be a victim of this, but now I love my small breasts, my big lips, little eyes and small stature. Most importantly, I love that I try to get everyone around me to love themselves to. I didn’t notice until recently that I’m always complimenting my friends minds, bodies and good spirits. I have a big heart.

My biggest challenge in accepting my body and beauty:
  ignoring the female bullies. I was often criticized in high school and even some in college about have small breasts. I was very insecure about it for a long time. I would stuff with tissue, wear false breast cups and even layer my shirts to look larger. Until one day I realized that these girls that say these things to me are trying to diminish my self-esteem because they see that they aren’t perfect either and for those few seconds of putting me down, they feel really good about themselves. So the next time someone would say, “you have the smallest breasts ever”…I say “and that’s fine with me. I had no problems cheering, running track and most of the time I wear a bra simply because I want to not because I have to…I have no back problems and I can wear almost any shirt and not have to worry about revealing to much and looking to sexy for an interview or something of that sort….my little breasts are fine with me. 


My biggest support in learning to appreciate myself:  my mother. I can’t remember the first time she said “I’m so proud of you” or “you’re so beautiful” because she says it all the time since I can remember. My mom always encourages me to apply myself and try new things. When I was young she put me in dance, gymnastics, competition cheerleading, acting classes, piano lessons and etc. She wanted me to be graceful, outgoing and talented. My mother had always been my backbone. Having someone who loves you unconditionally is an important aid in this point of life.  

Beauty is:  love for self. It is self-confidence that doesn’t touch arrogance, yet it gives you that natural glow. Knowing that you are in this world to be you and embracing that with open arms is beautiful.

Why I am strong:  because I believe that “God will never put me through more than I can bear”. These are lyrics to my favorite song that I sing whenever I feel weak. I have been through a lot in my life…we all have…but I won’t brake, until he says I’m done. I know that everything I go through good or bad is preparing me for another step. I think I also get a lot of my strength from my parents. They both lived hard lives but are still thankful and treading forward.

Why I am beautiful: there is only one me. I know myself and love myself. I know that I’m not perfect but I try daily to live a good life. If I mess up, I learn from my mistakes and try to right my wrongs. I am beautiful because I want my beauty to live in others. The weakest part of me is my want to always help other people but that is beautiful. I talk a lot, I’m hard headed and sometimes I can be sensitive…but I am beautiful because I know my many attributes that make me…me. Knowing is beautiful because it allows you to love and the option to change.

What women must know:  the power of being a women. The women of the world need to realize that these girls are watching them. The young women of our society are watching us. What are we teaching them?

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