A M'ija to Meet: Angela, Puerto Rican


What I love about being Latina: The ability to speak two languages and the wonderful customs and traditions. I love mi gente, mi familia y mi cultura. But most importantly my parents for always reminding me of the importance of la familia, nuestra sangre latina y nuestras tradiciones.

What I love about being Americana: As an Americana I love the choice of freedom of speech. Having the freedom to voice my opinions, also the ability to have access to almost anything I desire to do and learning that only I can limit myself.

My biggest challenge in growing up Latina in Americana:
trying to get the point across that Latinos can do more than labor work. I grew up not only Latina but also have worked in the corporate environment for almost 19 years. I have been discriminated, underestimated because of my ethnicity and my gender. The biggest challenge has been and will continue to be proving the company that a Latina woman can accomplished and achieved just as much as anyone else.

My biggest support in growing up Latina in America:
My mother and my sisters. My mother instilled in me great morals and values, and the importance of giving love and helping others and always to follow my dreams.

Why I am beautiful: I am beautiful because my dark hair and brown eyes is a residual of my native people who harvested this earth with respect & honor. I am beautiful because my heart & soul is filled with compassion, empathy and justice. I am beautiful because I have a caring heart, I volunteer and care for others. I am beautiful because I am generous and genuine. I am beautiful because I am happy and positive and transmit my love for life to others.

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5 responses to “A M'ija to Meet: Angela, Puerto Rican”

  1. Maribel Roman

    YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and look great. I am very proud of you sister. Keep smiling and continue to make every day as beautiful as you.

    Love your sister and friend

  2. Maria Roman

    Yes, you are beautiful, and we are very proud of you. What makes you latina, its the power of not giving up and following your dreams. You are strong and beautiful.

    Love you

  3. Lourdes, sister

    I am so proud to be one of the sisters to have the opportunity to watch you grow into the beautiful woman you are today. Continue to light up the world with your beautiful smile. You have touched many lives.

  4. R , cips

    wow you are truely a fabolous women aswell as a beautiful one . keep up the good work you are amazing . I am extreamly proud of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Christine Gitch

    i am very proud to have a mother as beautiful and wise as you. keep up the great work mommy. i look up to you and always will. thank you for being my angel.

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