Women on rise in Latin America?

Came across the article below the other day in the paper.  It’s an encourging sign to see Latin American women begin to assume positions of power and, perhaps, it will ultimately create a sea of change with regard to the execution of crimes against women and the subsequent investigations.   

Latin American women rise in nations long dominated by men

by Jack Chang/ McClatchy Newspapers

Defying Latin America’s longtime reputation as a bastion of machismo, women in South America are winning political power at an unprecedented rate and taking top positions in higher education and even, albeit more slowly, in business.

The election last year of Michelle Bachelet to Chile’s presidency and the all-but-certain victory of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in Argentina’s presidential balloting next Sunday are the most visible examples of the trend.

South American women also are leading important social movements and are earning, studying and speaking out more than ever. For the first time, women are forcing their traditionally male-dominated societies to confront such issues as domestic violence and reproductive health.  More…

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