Holiday Shopping


I’ve had several people tell me that they were planning on giving Hijas to the women in their lives for the holidays (I signed 5 books for one woman just last week– all of them bound for holiday wrapping).  If you are picking up Hijas as a gift in the coming months, I’m happy to treat each of your giftees to a signed bookplate, book mark, and reading guide.  If you are e-shopping, e-mail me a copy of the receipt– feel free to delete any private info– (or if you are shopping at a local bookstore, feel free to scan the receipt and e-mail it) with signing instructions and a mailing address to (Write HIJAS BOOK SIGNING in the subject line), and I’ll get the signed bookplates, reading guides, and bookmarks to you asap. 

Wanna shop now?  Try Amazon or Barnes and Noble.   


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