So, I’ve had a crazy couple weeks.  See that desk above?  Totally clean that morning– not a file in sight– and this is what it looked like mid-way through the day as I was going through the final motions of several assignments I had due before taking off for five days of events that ranged from readings at literary festivals to book signings, talking at Girl Scout Troops and speaking at a high school (my alma mater!).  It actually cracks me up that there are 5 drink bottles/glasses (and one more on the floor) and three phones on that desk.  Other random things in the I Spy photo?  Ponds Cleansing Cloths, a stop watch, and six sheets of stamps.  So it should come as no surprise, given the frantic can’t put one thing back before pulling another out pace that I have been keeping for the last few weeks, that I’ve had some mishaps over the last five days.  There was the lost Blackberry that I tore up one house, one car, and one historic park in another city to find.  And then the forgotten wallet that left an hour and a half back in Charleston (and I was leaving on a plane the next days so I had to turn around and get it so I’d have ID).  This after I left at the crack of dawn so I could get home early and possibly get ahead.  Aye.  Here’s to smoother sailing in the coming week!    

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