A M'ija to Meet: Raquel, Mexican-American


What I love about being Latina: That I am different, unique, and beautiful despite the common prototype. My dark hair, my dark eyes, my olive brown twisted skin tone. that I can communicate in Spanish if I choose to. Oh my gosh! When I roll my Rrrr’s!

What I love about being Americana: I love the opportunities that I have been offered career and education wise. I would not be in the place I am today if I did not have the opportunities I was given. But what I love the most about being Americana is that I able to learn more about different cultures.

My biggest challenge in growing up Latina in America: Was finding my place. I did not learn much about my Latino culture while in school and did not question it. Of course it came a point when I wanted to learn more about my culture. My mom did not celebrate “Dia De Los Muertos” nor “El Dia Del Nino.” Oddly enough, now she does with her students.

My biggest support in growing up Latina in America: My family has always supported my need to succeed, especially in education. They feel that the door way out of my ‘hood is through education. Regardless, I love coming from South Central.  I feel down-to-earth, although some friends of mine say I am “Anglo” because of it. But I am proud.Why I am beautiful:  Aside from my dark brown hair and eyes, I have a great, ginormous passion to help those who want help within the educational system. I am willing to move mountains to help high school students achieve their dream of going to college. I am beautiful because I am not afraid of lending a hand and not expecting anything in return. I am beautiful because I have a wonderful support group in my life, and I am truly blessed. I am beautiful because I learn from any experience so I can further help those around me. Mostly, I am beautiful because I am proud of my culture and heritage.  I have no problem being Raquel! I am ME!

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11 responses to “A M'ija to Meet: Raquel, Mexican-American”

  1. Susana

    Yay Rockie! You go, girl! I loved your responses… very close to my heart!

  2. Hae (Ray)


    I told you that you always write a piece of art all the time!!! Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  3. Raquel

    Thank you for all the encouragement and support! And Thank you to Rosie for allowing me to express my TRUE Latina ways! Im glad you all enjoyed my answers! Whippie!

  4. Yvette

    YAY ROCKIE!! Thats our BONITA!!! 🙂

  5. Butthead

    There u go girl! I knew u could write but wow. That made me proud of being ur friend and being blessed u crossed my path in this lifetime….

  6. Marquitos

    You are truly amazing!!! You’re the best Supergirl….Wait, I mean SUPERMUJER!!!

  7. Raquel Michel

    Querida hija:
    Me siento tan orgullosa de ti. Ser “Latina” es una bendicion de Dios, somos la mezcla de dos grandes culturas, la raza indigena pura y la Catellana.
    Te quiero mucho.
    Luz M. Michel

  8. Lechuga

    OMG Raquel, low-key you made my eyes water….. That was wonderful, I loved it. And I miss you.

  9. kat

    I’m so proud to know you!!

  10. Mrs. S

    Wow Raquel, this is sooo great!! When you speak from the heart, you actually touch all of us … great job chica! (Hugs)

    P.S. Rosie, you picked a great latina – keep doing your thing!

  11. Jessica A.

    Great job Raquel…beautiful!

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