Fall Reading List


I am thinking a whole lot about reading these days.  A.  I have a crush of “books in waiting” in my office– with volumes from Eve Ensler to Sarah Susanka.  I don’t even want to look over at it right now; it makes my heart race with expectation and anxiety (like a kid in the candy shop– which one do I pick next?).  B.  I had a goal to read 36 books this year (well, last November to this November which goes with this birthday goal thing I do– more on that on my actual birthday).  I am only at 23.  13 more books in 2.5 months.  That basically means 1.5 a week.  Aye.  C.  I am talking to 600 students on Wednesday at Blythewood High School in Columbia, SC.  I am supposed to inspire them to read more, and tell them how I got to where I am now.  Double Aye.  So that’s why I am thinking a lot about reading these days and in yesterday’s Charlotte Observer, I shared some of the books on my fall reading list.  So did other writers– including Kathy Reichs, whose books are inspired by her life and who serves as the inspiration for the television Bones.  Here it is.      

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