Don't believe everything you see…

A few weeks ago, the Today Show did a feature on enhanced magazine covers and photos– which are really the rule rather than the exception.  I was reminded of how many women I have spoken to mentioned looking at magazine photos and longing for something they didn’t have— the fullness of someone’s hair or the thinness of someone’s arm, for example.  The ironic thing, it turns out, is that those thin arms or that lineless face doesn’t exist.  It’s a work of art, really.  An illusion. “An image” and not a photo.  This truth is that none of us should measure ourselves against the covers of this magazine or that one.  Heck, the covergirl probably doesn’t want to measure herself against the image.  Just a little reminder that media can be entertaining or even educational but it should never be the gold standard on measuring your own worth.    Watch it here. 

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