A M'ija to Meet: Christina, Puerto Rican/ Mixed


What I love about being Latina: The importance of family, food as a showing of love, Spanglish

What I love about being Americana:
Generally being able to be queer without fear of physical retaliation, the access I have had to numerous opportunities

My biggest challenge in growing up Latina in America:
Being judged by other Latinas/os for being “too American/white” or being judged by Americans/whites for being “too Latino”- basically constantly struggling to break stereotypes.

My biggest support in growing up Latina in America:
Latina friends and my mom, especially when she makes bacalao.
Why I am beautiful: Because beauty comes from the inside out, and I am always striving to be a better, more balanced and whole person- from the inside out. Because I try to live and love to the fullest and that is beautiful.

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2 responses to “A M'ija to Meet: Christina, Puerto Rican/ Mixed”

  1. Nancy B Gutierrez

    This Boriquena deserves to be highlighted. One of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met.

  2. Christopher Arellano

    I love Christina.
    I’m 46 and old enough to be her dad, but I respect and admire this woman.
    She’s smart. She’s funny. She’s sensible. She’s cool and lucky for me- she’s my friend.

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