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Fast Fact

Hispanic Heritage Month spans from September 15th to October 15th.  The celebration became a monthlong event in 1988 (it was originally a week long event authorized by Lyndon B. Johnson in September 1968).   The focus of the month is to celebrate the cultures and traditions of US residents who trace their roots to Spain, Mexico, […]

A M'ija to Meet:  Suezette, Mexican

A M'ija to Meet: Suezette, Mexican

What I love about being Latina: Our culture, history, and our strenghth What I love about being Americana: The options to be able to be and do what ever we set our minds to. Freedom. My biggest challenge in growing up Latina in America: People not knowing I’m Mexican and when they find out – […]

3 Ideas for Championing Yourself

Here are three ideas to help you on the road to becoming your own biggest cheerleader and champion.  I’ll post even more ideas in the coming weeks. 1.  Educate Yourself.  Read books that deal with esteem, women’s issues, and the media.  Dive into memoirs written by women.  They will help you to see the complexities […]

Want a signed bookplate, an Hijas reading guide, and an Hija bookmark?

So, I have to admit that I am totally not used to people asking me to sign their books.  In fact, I am a bit embarrassed by both the attention (what if I totally dork out when I am signing and sign something unintelligible or ineligible for that matter?  As Ryan, the cute husband to […]

This Week in Hijas Events

This week I’ll be in Raleigh, North Carolina and Chicago, Illinois for Hijas Americanas events.  Catch me at the Central Raleigh Borders (400-100 East Six Forks Road) at 4 pm on Tuesday, August 28th for a signing.  On Thursday, August 30th, I’ll be doing a workshop at the University of Illinois in Chicago with the […]

The Pressure to Look Thin in Hollywood

Thought this was an interesting clip from the Today Show the other day.

A Startling Statistic

Here is a number that can almost undo you when you really think about its implications:  51 percent of Latina women are pregnant at least once by age 20.   And here’s an article that gives you more insight behind that number:    Latina Teen Pregnancies Spur Push for Family Talks Run Date: 08/21/07 By Alison Bowen WeNews […]

A M'ija to Meet: Cristina, Dominican and Spanish

A M'ija to Meet: Cristina, Dominican and Spanish

What I love about being Latina: My dark eyes, black hair, pale olive skin, and my ability to break into Spanish in a split second or overhear something in Spanish I shouldn’t have. There’s also something about being Latina that makes me feel incredibly sexy. I also love the great food: rice and beans, tostones, […]

Championing Your Daughter

In the fight for a positive body image, parents might easily feel as if their role in championing their daughters’ self-confidence is negated by the rush of media presented to them on television, in the movies, and in magazines.  But the truth is that parents are a daughter’s front line of defense in the body […]

Excerpt of radio interview for Hijas Americanas