A M'ija to Meet: Maribel, Puerto Rican


What I love about being Latina:  The richness of my language, my culture and the beautiful diversity we have in our people.What I love about being Americana:  Having another beautiful culture and language and sharing this with so many people from all over the world.  America is a pot of gold in diversity and we are a significant part of this pot.  

My biggest challenge in growing up Latina in America:  Accepting that discrimination due to me being a Latina women was caused by the ignorance of others and not by my being who I was.   

My biggest support in growing up Latina in America:  Mi Familia: especially my mother who risked moving to NJ not knowing what was ahead of her to seek a better life for us; my dad who was tough with the rules for his six girls but only because he wanted us to respect ourselves for the beautiful women we were and my five beautiful sisters who have always love me and supported me.

Why I am beautiful:  Because I love the complete me: mind, body and soul.  

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5 responses to “A M'ija to Meet: Maribel, Puerto Rican”

  1. Lourdes, sister

    I am proud of you and all of your accomplishments. May GOD continue to bless you and guide you. Your light shines bright. I love you, my sister.

  2. Maria Roman

    This is beautiful, I am very proud of you. And remember I do love you.

  3. Angela Gitch

    We don’t say it often enough
    Just how much we truly care,
    About how much we mean to each other
    And that is really unfair.

    You are one of my older sisters
    And I’ve always looked up to you;
    Your wit, talent and success
    And everything that you do.

    You found and will married a wonderful man,
    Managed to work and raise your son,
    You are to be commended
    ’cause not all of your trials have been joys.

    A few years ago you decided
    To further your education,
    And on your forty-first birthday this year
    You earned your masters, with a distinction.

    So congratulations on your achievement
    And I just want you to know,
    That I am so very proud of my sister
    And I love you so!

    I will always be here for you.


  4. Jennifer

    You continue to inspire and empower many. Thank you for being a GREAT remodel. Love ya sis

  5. Toni Di Marco

    Maribel, you are such a role model. You are so kind, smart, sincere and beautiful and I couldn’t ask for a better sister-in-law! I am so proud of all your accomplishments and your future is only getting brighter! Just remember, Joe and I are always here for you! Welcome (officially) to the family! We love you!

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