Help a girl out: give me some advice.

So this week is a deliberately more quiet week in Hijas events.  As I mentioned over the weekend, I am headed to the beach on Sunday, the 22nd, and I have 8 deadlines for the end of July that I wanted to get in before I left town so that I had no articles hanging over my head (I am writing on everything from driving a Porsche Boxster around some tight mountain curves to the state of HIV/AIDS in my community) while I am sitting on that beach.  I turned in two last night and now plan to write an article a day until I leave.  So in order to do that, I needed to be in town to get it done.  Alas, no travel this week for Hijas, but I am doing a couple things locally and I could use your help with one of them.  On Wednesday night, I am filming an interview for a local arts television show that will air later in Charlotte.  They would like me to read two, no more than 1 page passages from the book.  Help a girl out!  For those of you who have dived into Hijas, what passage(s) would you suggest? 

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2 responses to “Help a girl out: give me some advice.”

  1. Lisa

    I like Chapter 10 (Raising Our Voices). Under the sub-heading “A Call To Action” – starting on page 276…

    “There is an old saying that tells us we are only as strong as our weakest link,…”

    Depends how much of the “page passage” they want you to read, but I love everything from that part up through the end of the chapter!

  2. Raquel Michel

    the one that i like is about having children. i dont remember what chapter or page it was. But I like that because majority of Latina women will experience that at one point or another. at leats i hear it all the time and see my mom get all mushy when she passes a baby’s section and starts her gibberish. gurr!

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