Reaching out & Greenville, SC

lisa-at-the-open-book.jpgHad a good night at The Open Book in Greenville, SC.  Among the people I visited with were Lisa and Kate.  Lisa and I connected over the MySpage page for the book, and I was so excited to see that she was in Greenville and could come to an event.  A friendly face is always so nice!  Anyway, it was fun to visit with someone that I had only previously known electronically, and she is just as fabulous in person!  The picture to the left is Lisa with her signed book.  I also was able to visit with one of my former students who is in Greenville and starts nursing school in the fall.  I’ve had the joy of seeing about 10 former students so far on the book tour through NC and SC and it is such a delight to reconnect and hear what they are doing.  It’s funny how, as a teacher, you hold onto your students in the same way that we have all held on to a memorable teacher.  I know that I have mentioned in the past that if you have a favorite author, you should absolutely reach out to him or her on-line and the same is true if you have a favorite teacher and can find a way to be in touch.  I am always overjoyed to hear from my former students about how their lives have unfolded.  Ironically, I am headed to Columbia, South Carolina tonight where I might see a former teacher or two, and I certainly look forward to thanking them again for their care for me when I was young while updating them on my life.  I am also looking forward to making new friends.  Hope to see the Columbians among you there! 

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  1. Lisa

    Thanks for putting my picture up there! It was great once again to meet you. Hope all is well!

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