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How's the book doing?

So, I often get the question “How’s the book going?”  My brother who has purchased seven copies of Hijas especially likes to call me with this question.  And I always answer with a “I don’t really know.”  I mean, I know that my events are going between fine and great.  I know that I’ve sold […]

This week in Hijas events: Atlanta and South Charlotte

So this week, you can catch me on the radio and in bookstores in Atlanta, Georgia or  South Charlotte.  If you are in Atlanta, check out The Hub on  WRAS, 88.5 FM (Georgia State University’s radio station) Wednesday between 3 – 4 pm for an interview about Hijas.  Come out to Charis Books on Euclid Avenue […]

An Excerpt from Chapter 7, Maria de la Barbie, of Hijas Americanas

An Excerpt from Chapter 7, Maria de la Barbie, of Hijas Americanas

What does it mean to be beautiful in America? The answer to this question brings up all kinds of clichés. Reality shows, magazines, sitcoms, movies, and music videos propagate a certain image—tall, thin, and blond—that’s unattainable for most women. But pop culture isn’t the only place where beauty matters.  Female news anchors, executives, and CEOs, […]

Summer Reading

I am home from the beach with a burnt scalp (I generously applied sunscreen every day and then end up burning my scalp.  Aye.) and some books and magazines crossed off my To Read List.  Coincidentally, two of the books that I read were memoirs about homeless parents.  In Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, […]

A M'ija to Meet:  Raquel, Cuban

A M'ija to Meet: Raquel, Cuban

What I love about being Latina:  Our commitment to family and our willingness to laugh easily and often. What I love about being Americana:  The opportunities I have as a woman in this country, rock n’ roll, and FREEDOM.

Hispanic Book Journal

If you are interested in a blog that keeps up with the latest news “in the Hispanic Book World”, check out the Hispanic Book Journal.  I just found out that they did a review of Hijas and saw several interesting books while I was on the site. 

Bits and Pieces before a mini-summer vacation

Bits and Pieces before a mini-summer vacation

I am headed to the beach tomorrow (today), and while I am mentally ready; I am nowhere near ready ready.  I have this funny tendency (that I get from my Mamacita– here’s a photo of Mamacita as a ‘shout out’ even though she’s in Puerto Rico right now and is more apt to be spending […]

A M'ija to Meet: Maribel, Puerto Rican

A M'ija to Meet: Maribel, Puerto Rican

What I love about being Latina:  The richness of my language, my culture and the beautiful diversity we have in our people.What I love about being Americana:  Having another beautiful culture and language and sharing this with so many people from all over the world.  America is a pot of gold in diversity and we […]

A Review: The Latina in America: A chorus of experiences so loud and significant

Pasckie Pascua recently posted a review of Hijas Americanas on her web-site, a review that ran in The Indie of Asheville, a monthly “open mic” magazine that she publishes and edits.  Here’s an excerpt:  Take this example (from the book)– while 81.4 percent of Latina women are satisfied with their inherent beauty, only 39.1 percent […]

Let's Talk.

So I continue to get great questions at readings and signings and over e-mails, and I have to admit that those discussions are my favorite part of the promotion process.  And, well, when something is your favorite, you want to keep doing it.  So, I want to offer you (and me) the opportunity to talk […]