Launch Day!

launch-day-books-three.jpgSo I woke up Friday morning, Launch Day, and thought, “what do I do now?”  After a slow shower to wake me up and a run through e-mail, I jumped in the car to do drive-by book signings.  I had no idea what that phrase even meant until about a month ago when I learned that many authors will stop by bookstores that they know are carrying their book and offer to sign the stock.  The book gets a little “autographed copy” sticker on the cover and then placed on a special table.  I was nervous about going up to a bookstore counter (my mother-ship, mind you), explaining who I was, and asking if I could sign their stock (fortunately I already had a list of who had the book in stock from some undercover phone calls made earlier in the week by my marketing and technology champion, Erin Beam, because how embarrassing would it be to say “Can I sign the book?” and then find out they weren’t even carrying it).   At the local Barnes and Noble, about 5 miles from my house, I wandered the aisles, stacking magazines and books into my arms as I can’t ever leave a bookstore without a significant dent in my checkbook.  Finally, I made my way over to the Latino Studies bookshelf, holding my breath.  And there, brightly gazing out at me, were 6 copies of Hijas Americanas.  I just stared.  And stared.  And then sneakily snuck my brand-new digital camera that my dear, sweet husband gave me in honor of the launch (I have never even owned a camera before), hid it behind my purse and snapped a shot of the books on the shelf.  After a few more minutes of procrastinating, I worked my way up to the customer service desk, introduced myself, and asked if I might sign the books.  They were so gracious to me, and my anxiety dissipated.  Sitting in the B&N café, I signed away and returned them to the Customer Service desk where they took out their green “Autographed Copy” stickers and labeled away.  Then I went to do what I do best—buy up all of my bookstore finds, because I have always loved to read and because now know I what it feels like to wonder if something you so lovingly, passionately, painfully put out there will be received by someone who cares—or wants to care– just as much about it as you do.           

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4 responses to “Launch Day!”

  1. Raquel Michel

    I know a similar kind of feeling! Many Congrats! yay!

  2. David Sluder

    Rosie, That’s so cool! I can’t wait to see your book on the local shelves here in Asheville!!

  3. Marie Goocher

    Hi Rosie,

    I bought one of your signed copies at the Birkdale B&N on Sunday. As of yesterday, they were sold out in the ‘Women’s Studies’ section and only had three left on the ‘local author’ table. They said they have placed another order!!

    I’m on chapter 4…’s very emotional for me since I lost my mom. She was Italian and we were extremely close.

    We met a few months ago at your writing workshop.

    Best wishes!


  4. Bob Maier

    Congratulations Rosie!

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