Book Giveaway #3 and What Not To Wear

banana-republic-dress.jpgSo, I am totally bummed that no one entered last week’s book giveaway contest.  I am holding on to the books and will do a new book giveaway with them a little later this summer.  I am eager for these great reads to wind up in your hands! The book officially launches on Friday, and I feel like I am running through quicksand to get things done.  I had to go shopping today for something to wear to book events (now that I write full-time, I just wear my workout clothes all day and have about two outfits for the times that I need to look professional.) which has left me exhausted.  But I had an interesting thing happen that related to the whole body image thing, and I thought I should share it (why spend so much time being candid in the book if I can’t be candid in real life, eh?)  A girlfriend went shopping with me who is a stylist. It was like my own personal What Not to Wear without the television cameras.  So when I was back in the dressing room, trying on a sleeveless dress that we thought might work for the launch party, I said, “Are you sure that I can wear this dress?  Did you look at my arms?”  I pointed to the place in question, but my girl would not even look that way.  She stared me dead in the face and said, “Isn’t this party for a book you wrote on body image?”  More than fair enough, eh?  I walked out the store with the dress (and some shoes, earrings, and necklaces to go with it) because, honestly, if you allow yourself to get on that body bashing train, it does not ever slow down.        

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  1. Elsie J Contreras

    that is an excellent point you made there Rosie!

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