Winners of Book Giveaway #2

hijas-americanas-teal.jpgCongratulations to Raquel Michel,  Marlene Avalos Thompson, Milly Dunaway and Krysia Villon for winning the drawing for the free autographed copy of Hijas Americanas.   Now there’s still an offer on the table for winning a free autographed copy of Hijas Americanas for all the bloggers out there.  I have six books set aside for bloggers who cover Hijas Americanas on their blog sometime between June 1-10.  Willing to do it but unsure about what the content would be?  I am happy to help you brainstorm something that goes with your blog focus.  I can also give you information that will help you build your own entry, do a Q&A with you, or anything else we consider.  So, if you are interested in featuring Hijas on your blog during launch week, shoot me an e-mail to, and we’ll go from there.  Thanks!        

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One response to “Winners of Book Giveaway #2”

  1. Raquel Michel

    Thank you so much Rosie!!! It is a super geat honor! yay!!! I look forward to reading Hijas Americanas!!!

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