The Sister Study for Breast Cancer

Help Discover the Causes of Breast Cancer…Woman by Woman, Sister by Sister!

The Sister Study, a national research study to learn how the environment and genes affect the chances of getting breast cancer, is enrolling women who have never had breast cancer, aged 35-74 but whose sister had breast cancer. Of the over 33,000 women already enrolled, only 1,000 are Latinas. We need thousands more! Help recruit Latinas for this important study in the hopes that  our “hijas”, “sobrinas y nietas” do not face breast cancer in the future! To join today or to learn how to recruit others, please call 1-877-4SISTER (1-877- 474-7837, Spanish and English) or visit or

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  1. jeffreydach

    A good friend of ours just went through an ordeal with breast cancer. The incidence of breast cancer has increased to 1 in 8 women, with 4,000 new cases weekly.

    You might ask, could there be a preventive measure which is safe, cheap and widely available that has been overlooked?

    The answer is YES , and it’s the essential mineral, Iodine , which was added to table salt in 1924 as part of a national program to prevent Goiter. It turns out that this same Iodine in table salt is the key to breast cancer prevention as proposed by the following list of prestigious doctors: Guy Abraham, MD, Robert Derry MD PHD, David Brownstein MD, George Flechas MD, Donald Miller, M.D.

    Dr. B.A. Eskin published 80 papers over 30 years researching iodine and breast cancer, and he reports that iodine deficiency causes breast cancer and thyroid cancer in humans and animals. Iodine deficiency is also known to cause a pre-cancerous condition called fibrocystic breast disease.

    Ghent published a paper in 1993 which showed iodine supplementation works quite well to reverse and resolve fibrocystic changes of the breast, and this is again the subject of a current clinical study.

    Despite its obvious potential, not much has been done with Iodine treatment over the past 40 years in the United States. Since iodine isn’t patentable and is therefore unlikely to be profitable to market, there is no money to fund studies for “FDA approval”. However, FDA approval is not required since Iodine is already an additive to table salt at the supermarket.

    For more information see my newsletter:

    Jeffrey Dach MD

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