Win a free autographed copy of Hijas Americanas!

hijas-americanas-teal.jpgSo, I have 10 autographed copies of Hijas Americanas to give away.  With this giveaway, there are two ways you can win!  The first option is to send an e-mail with the blog link ( and other pertinent info to all of your peeps who you think might take an interest in Hijas Americanas and this blog, encouraging them to jump on board. How do I know you have done it?  Copy me on your e-mail announcement (  I’ll promptly drop your name in the drawing bucket.  Deadline for e-mailing your people?  End of day on Friday, May 18.  I’ll draw four names and announce the winners on Saturday, the 19th.         For the second attempt at winning a free autographed copy of Hijas Americanas, you must have a blog.  If you do, shoot me your blog address and mailing address to  Next step, blog about the book between June 1-8 (I am happy to help you with that blog, answering your questions, sending you a press release, whatever).  I’ll put your blog address on my “watch” list, and everyone who blogs about the book that week will be entered into the autographed book drawing that week.   There will be six winners! 
 Alright, that’s the week’s contest.  There will be another contest next week to win books by other Seal Press authors.  In the meantime, keep coming back this week to be introduced to this week’s M’ija,  check out some cool things going on in the world of female empowerment,  and read about anything else that pops into my mind (who knows what brilliant thing Cousin Danny will say this week).  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!                 

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